Friday, July 31, 2015

Another Johnson Wedding!

It's been a while since I have posted!  We had two kids get married within 4 months of each other! Our son recently married his sweetheart in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  Not quite as much planning on our part - as parents of the groom, but I made all the wedding desserts, and we threw a rehearsal dinner and did all the cooking and DIY decorating.

Here are some photos from our rehearsal dinner.  It was like having our own restaurant for the day! Daughter Kari made the beautiful cake.

Here are some photos of the dessert bar at the wedding:

The bride and groom decided to have pie at the wedding rather than cake (but we had to sneak one in on them at the rehearsal dinner!)  They cut a full-size pie to feed to each other, but I made 195 mini pies and crisps in jars, as well as 72 mini cheesecakes and over 100 shortbread cookies.  The pies in jars were a lot of fun, and really quite easy with a lot of prep ahead of time.

I bought 16 dozen 3 oz. jars and had them washed ahead of time.  A week prior to the wedding I made up the pie dough, and added a little sugar.  I bought a set of graduated circle cookie cutters with regular circles on one side, and the opposite side was fluted.  I used a smaller round cutter to cut out the bottoms of the pies, and poked them with a fork.  I cut out the top of the pies with the fluted circles in a little larger size, and used a tiny heart cutter to cut out the middle.  Then I sprinkled them with coarse sugar and baked the tops and bottoms like cookies.  I froze them all (with plenty extra). Two days before the wedding I thickened and sweetened the berries, and just assembled the mini pies, since the pastries were already baked.  The pie jars never went in the oven at all!  The crisps were just a little different.  I put the thickened berries in the jars and added the crumb topping to the top. Those went in the the microwave for a few minutes.

I had so much fun with wedding prep this year, that I opened another Etsy shop - LottieElizabeth - with our daughter Emily, featuring wedding and baby items.  You can check it out here.  Now it's time to step on it with primitive Christmas things for my fall shows that start in a little over three months.  Yikes!

Hope your summer is wonderful!

Primitive blessings,


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