Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chalkboard signs

Like I mentioned in my last post, I found out how fun and easy it is to make some very-popular chalkboard signs.  First you'll need to "season" your chalkboard, which simply means that you rub it all over with chalk. Then wipe it off with a paper towel, leaving some of the white chalk residue behind.  Next I designed on the computer the words that I wanted.  Use some fun fonts.  I transferred this design onto my chalkboard, using white transfer paper, which I found at my local craft store. Then, just fill in the lettering with either a white chalk pen, such as the one shown here:

or if you'd rather it be more permanent, you may wish to use a white Sharpie marker.  Once done, rub it with chalk again. Simple!  Below are some examples of some chalkboard signs that I made for Emily's wedding.

(The sign shown above was based on a design I found online)

The fonts I used are Simon Script, Pea Ellie Bellie, and Janda Stylish Script.  (Each is available for free download by clicking on the font name, which will take you to a free download.)  Enjoy!

I also made some chalkboard props for our photo booth at the wedding. These I designed using a chalkboard background (see previous post) and the font Schalk in white.  

The top photo is with the bride - our daughter Emily - with our twins - Kari and Kaitlyn (two of the six bridesmaids), and her sweet little twin flower girls, who happen to have their 6th birthday today! Oh, by the way, I sewed the little flower girl dresses.  So much fun, and I really miss sewing cute little girl clothing!

The photo booth was a big hit at the wedding, and a wedding gift provided by some dear friends of ours.  The guests were provided with hard copies of their photos, as well as a business card with a link to all the photos online.

Primitive blessings,


P.S.  We have 18 lambs now!

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