Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Curly Top

Here's my newest pattern: Lollipop!  She was designed in honor of Shirley Temple.  We have a fondness for Shirley Temple.  She was such an adorable and talented little girl, and grew up to be a gracious, beautiful, compassionate woman.  The world lost a treasure when she passed recently.  I was going to give her blond hair like Shirley Temple has, but she just looked better with her standard Raggedy Ann red hair!

This wasn't my first experience with sewing a Shirley Temple dress. When our daughter Emily was a junior in high school, she had to do a famous person report and she chose Shirley Temple.  Here's a photo of Emily in her outfit!

I also just finished a pattern of Plain Jane.  These were my sixth and seventh new patterns of the year.  I'm on a roll!

Today was a sad day at our house!  Our sweet Ella Jean was very ill and we had to let her go. She was my daughter's cat; and she's had her for 10 years since she was just nine years old. She happens to be home from college for Spring Break, so she was here with Ella when we had to take her in for her last vet appointment.  It was sudden, totally unexpected, and broke our hearts!  Rest in peace, Sweet Ella Jean! :(  If you have a cat or a dog, go hug them!  They just aren't here with us nearly long enough!

Primitive blessings to you!



Sheila said...

Your sweet new "Lollipop" raggedy is darling! I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies.....fond childhood memories right there.
Very sorry to hear of your Ella Jean kitty. There is still an emptiness in our home after a year has passed that our hunting dog Trekker had to be put down-he had 13 good years until liver failure.
I hope you are enjoying spring break with your kiddos :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so sorry you lost your sweet's never easy. Sending you some hugs today. And I LOVE your new doll! She's plainly beautiful! Hugs!

Laurie Johnson said...

Thank you for your kind words! Losing pets is indeed tough, and we'll keep her memory with us always.