Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fresh from the sewing machine!

Just finished this little gal today!  I've never made a blonde raggedy before, but I had an order recently for my Kaitlyn Ann doll in blonde, so I thought I'd try a blonde doll.  Alice Ann is the result!  She is 11" tall, and was actually a lot of fun to make!  I just put the pattern on my Etsy, PatternMart, and my website.

I actually have a little niece that is 21 months old whose name is Alice.  I'm thinking this may be her second birthday present!  She has two middle names, but one of them is Ann.  My Grandmother's name was also Alice.  I've blogged about her before.  She's gone now, but she would've loved this little doll.  She loved dolls.  She was raised on the prairies of Montana and didn't have a lot of toys growing up, so she always loved dolls and stuffed animals.  I made her several dolls while she was alive.  I sure miss my Grandma!  I do have this picture of her with a doll.  It always makes me smile! :)

Grandma Alice

Have a great weekend!  Primitive blessings,


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