Friday, January 27, 2012

I Love This!

I saw this on Facebook, and had to add it to my website! (Of course I had to re-do it to make it match my website!) Hits close to home!

Hope you've had a terrific week, and are ready for the weekend!

Primitive blessings,


P.S. Feel free to post this on your website/blog too! :)


Sheila said...

Hi Laurie!
my daughter had this on her FB page yesterday-someone sent it on to her. Loved it and I will gladly copy yours since you offered and post on my blog too. I especially like the re-do!
So true!
Can't wait for my CD! How exciting.
Have a great weekend.

Laurie Johnson said...

Hi Sheila!

Glad to share it! Lukas was planning to put your CD in the mail today from Pullman, so should be there very soon! Thanks again! :)


Lukas Johnson said...

I finished the labels and packaging on the CD last night and put it in the mail today. The postman ETA'ed it at Monday. Thanks!


Sheila said...

Oh my what talent! I am listening to my new CD. I LOVE IT! Young man, you are very talented and Laurie you must be so proud.
I plan posting about this wonderful CD on my blog later tonight.
Hope it's ok to us your pics?
Can't wait for my 3 1/2 yr old grandson to listen to the harmonica! He is intrigued by it and tries so hard to play!
Blessings to you~

Laurie Johnson said...

Hi Sheila! Glad you liked the CD! We think he's pretty super, ('course we're a little biased!) Please do post it on your blog, and if anyone is interested, send them this way!


P.S. I have a picture of Lukas about your grandsons age trying to play the harmonica along with my Grandpa! Now he has a harness that he wears so he can play the harmonica and the guitar/mandolin at the same time....I'll send a photo to your e-mail.