Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Patterns - Finally!

Yes, January was a long, long month, and I pretty much didn't do anything crafty! (Other than organizing my photos and putting together some photo books). Finally decided it was time to get busy, so I have two new patterns brand new on my website! I'm not really Irish (a little here and there mixed in with the other, but mostly Scandinavian), but thought it would be fun to add a couple of St. Patrick's Day primitives to my site! Here are Kaitlyn Ann and my Irish Blessings Sampler. Both are available as paper patterns or e-patterns. Check them out on my website, Prindle Mountain Primitives, or you may wish to order them through Pattern Mart for immediate e-pattern download here:

Irish Blessings Sampler Pattern

A traditional Irish blessing is stitched up
in a fun script on our 8 x 10” sampler.
Click to order through Pattern Mart.

Price: US $5.50

Kaitlyn Ann Pattern

Kaitlyn Ann is Irish through and through!
Click to order through Pattern Mart.

Price: US $5.50

I had a lot of fun designing Kaitlyn Ann! I couldn't find any shamrock/St. Patrick's Day fabric that I liked. It was all bright kelly green, and I prefer more of a sage or olive green. So, I chose some that was solid, and came home and made my own shamrock fabric! I'll show just how I did it on my pattern, using my PDF shamrock download, freezer paper, and your printer! When it came to naming this doll, I already have a Patty Ann doll, so that wouldn't work for this new St. Patrick's Day raggedy. I asked my family, and my daughter Kaitlyn told me that "Kaitlyn" is Irish. So, that's where the name came from. (Although my Kaitlyn's name is Kaitlyn Grace, not Kaitlyn Ann!)

It's Groundhog's Day, and I guess we're supposed to have six more weeks of winter. We have beautiful blue skies and mild temperatures, so if this is winter - I'll take it!!!

I plan to add some finished items to my Etsy site, but I've got a sick husband on the couch, as well as a sick twin (the other one - Kaitlyn - hopefully stays healthy so she can play in the last home basketball game tonight!), and I'm not feeling too swell myself, so that will be a day or two. Check back!

Primitive blessings,


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