Thursday, July 28, 2011

New website!

This picture was taken long, long ago! It is of my Great, Great Grandparents,
before my Great Grandmother, who passed away in 1945, was even born!

Two weeks ago I noticed that my website wasn't working! Yikes! Last year it was bought out by another website host, and we were encouraged to switch programs then. Since this came right before our county fair (which is a very busy time, and consequently, is coming up AGAIN in less than two weeks!), I stayed on with the program I had been using since 2003. Well, the program finally gave out, and it was apparently corrupt. I had to totally rebuild it with a new program, and it's taken me hours and hours every day for about 10 days! Finally done, however, and I am happy with it! Here you can take a look: Prindle Mountain Primitives

If you're on the mailing list from my old website, please sign up again, as I have a new mailing program. You can do this at the bottom of the "home" page.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we've been spared the extreme heat that the rest of the country has been fact, this has been a cool, wet summer so far, with 80 degree temperatures being rare, and we've not even hit 90 yet!

Prim blessings!


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Homespun Hugs and Calico Kisses said...

Laurie - Your new website looks wonderful!! (I know it was a lot of work!) Happy Sales! Vicki