Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fair time!

We spent a week at the county fair with our twin daughters. They had a great fair, both earning highly coveted belt buckles for showmanship.....Kari for master sheep showman, and Kaitlyn for reserve champion for livestock showmanship for horses/beef/sheep/dairy goats/market goats/swine. They've always been my little farm girls, even though they are now 16! They've hardly taken off their buckles, and already plan to wear them for the first day of school! So, so proud of them! Here they are shown with their cousin.

During the fair my Jack Nodder Halloween make-do came out in the newest Create and Decorate magazine. I've also got the pattern now on my website as well as Pattern Mart.

Back-to-school is quickly approaching! My son takes off tomorrow; heading back to college for his final year (Master's Degree). He was hardly home, as he spent 8 weeks this summer in school with the Accelerated Master's Degree program. He was super-busy, but got an entire year of grad school out of the way in just 8 weeks, so it was worth it. Monday our middle daughter starts her junior year of college, and a week later our twins start their junior year of high school. Our oldest daughter also heads back to the classroom, but she's the teacher, in this case, and teaches at the local middle school. She is going to graduate school to get her Master's Degree too, however, so they are all students in one way or another.

Sure has been an odd summer here in the Pacific Northwest! In our neck of the woods, it's a warm day this summer if it's 70-75. We've yet to hit 90 degrees, but they are saying we may before the end of the weekend. My garden and everything is way behind, but it's very green around here, so I'm not complaining!

Hope you're enjoying the dog days of summer, and looking forward to fall! I've already seen signs of it in my local craft store, and I'm really not sure if I am ready for that yet......

Primitive blessings,


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Vicky said...

Hi Laurie,
In answer to your question on my blog, I tend to use Glossy Accents as I find it sticks absolutely everything! Hope this helps.