Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Back!

I spent the first couple of weeks of July with family in Eastern Washington. While there, I got in lots of good visiting with family, as well as found the deal of the century at a rummage sale! Check out this vintage quilt I got for A QUARTER! It is entirely hand-stitched of flour sack fabrics, I believe.

They were selling other bedding (not vintage) for $2, and the gal told me that this old thing was in bad shape, so she just wanted a quarter for it! I brought it home and stitched some loose spots, gave it a cleaning, and while it isn't my ideal colors, I can't believe how cheap I got it! My youngest daughter thinks that when she has her own room eventually, she wants to have it on her bed. (She is sharing her room with her twin sister right now while all four girls still live at home).

I also got to spend a lot of time with my Grandma. This is the Grandma that I blogged about back in June and had their wedding photo on here. She is 87 and is still going strong, and is as cute as ever! Such a treat to see my Grandma!!!

At the end of our stay, our twin daughters, Kari and Kaitlyn, were in the USA Track and Field Junior Olympics in Spokane. They had qualified earlier this summer in Seattle. Kari placed 9th in the 100 meter hurdles, and Kaitlyn placed 5th in the triple jump and qualified for Nationals in Kansas! Unfortunately, a trip to Kansas wasn't in the budget, so we've ordered the t-shirt, and she's just happy to have qualified and also set a new personal record.

I've noticed a problem with my website this evening, and hope I can get it straightened out ASAP! I can't seem to connect, and have an e-mail in to see if we can get this settled! In the meantime, don't forget my patterns can be ordered on Pattern Mart. Just click on "Prindle Mountain Primitives" under "designers".

Is it summer in your neck of the woods? It was yesterday, sort of. 75-80 isn't really as warm as we expect this time of the year, but this year we'll take anything over 65! Today, however, was rainy, wet, and I'd swear it was mid September or even early March! I think our summer may have amounted to the week of it I had in Eastern Washington! I guess I shouldn't complain, though, when I hear about the temperatures some of the country is dealing with!

Hope your summer is going splendidly!

Prim Blessings,


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Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful quilt! and at a really great price.
Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. You're so luck to still have your Grandma!
Congrats to the girls.
Been hot and humid here.
Enjoy the rest of your summer.
Prim Blessings