Friday, February 25, 2011

Thank goodness it's Friday

Yes! I really need the weekend! This has been a very long week, and now I am having problems with my e-mail server! As you may know, I just sent out my Prindle Mountain Primitives newsletter. I plan to have one of these monthly, instead of sporadically like I have in the past. I have around 750 people on my mailing list, but my server (MSN) only lets me send out 300 e-mails per day. So, I send out half, and then more the next day, and so on. The first batch went out fine, but the batch I sent out last night was missing the attachment, which is the newsletter! Frustrating! To make matters worse, I can't resend the mass e-mail with the newsletter until tomorrow! Does anyone know a better way to send mass e-mails!?!

The weekend is coming! Yay!

Prim blessings,

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Anonymous said...

NO, it isn't you!!! And not ME or another relative... funny however!
p.s. So neat you are sharing some of your easy crafty ideas here! I love your blog spot!