Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo Cube

Today is my dear friend Nancy's birthday! Have you ever had a friend keeps you laughing until tears run down your face, would do anything for you, and knows you inside and out? That's Nancy! We've been friends for many years, and time spent with her is sure to be a good day!

For Nancy's birthday I made her a birthday cube. I've made these for Christmas presents before as well, and they are easy to make, fun, and quick! First I got a 3-7/8" square Styrofoam block at the Dollar Store. (!) Next I covered all six sides with coordinating scrapbook paper. I love to scrapbook, but doggone it, I'm over a year behind! Anyway, I had trouble getting the scrapbook paper to stick to the Styrofoam with the tacky glue I was using, so I went around the edges of the bare Styrofoam first with some masking tape and the glue and scrapbook paper stuck well to this. Get all six sides covered, and then start adding poems, pictures, stickers, etc. Once everything is how you like it, then comes the messy, fun part: Glitter!!! :) I ran a line of glitter around all the edges and freely sprinkled with silver glitter. Shake off the excess, and let dry. A cup or glass that the cube can sit on to dry is a good idea, so it doesn't stick to your surface.

Here are some photos of my Nancy Birthday Photo Cube!

Prim blessings,

P.S. Hope you're enjoying your President's Day!