Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New stuff!

Just finished two new patterns tonight! I'll be posting them on my website tomorrow, as well as letting everyone know about my new website design, my newest blog (totally different direction for me - baby stuff!), and some supplies I'll now sell on my website! Been really busy, but I am really in the creative zone right now, so I'm taking advantage of it!

Fall is sure in the air! It rained like crazy today...hard as it ever does! I LOVE warm, sunny, beautiful summer days, but there is nothing like the first good rain of September, when you can put on a sweater, listen to the rain pounding outside, and know that you don't have to drag around a hose and water everything, and you can sit inside and work on craft things without an ounce of guilt!

Here's a sneak peak of my newest patterns!



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