Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer time!

Been busy, busy working on a new look to my website! You won't see it yet, but I'm in the designing stages. If you noticed that my website was down a couple of days ago....well, apparently my server is having problems and then decided to close up shop! I was given 2 days to move to another server and re-build my website! Yikes! Someone stepped up and bought the server so the threat of my website disappearing again tomorrow is now gone, but I'm not taking any chances and have already signed up with a new server. Should be a nice new look for my website when it's done, and I'm excited about the graphics I'm making! If you noticed a new look to the logo're right! This is my grandparent's barn. No, not on Prindle fact, on the opposite side of the state, but I really wanted to use this picture! I spent a lot of time as a little kid playing in that barn, and somehow I didn't break any bones when a friend and I used to jump out of the window on the left hand side!

We're getting ready for our county fair here! Those little lambs a few posts down are now big and ready to go be market lambs! (See photo above!) Our girls are each showing two lambs, as well as taking five black Angus cows between them. Always a fun time!

I've been working on some new Santa and snowman patterns I hope to get on my website soon! I'm also looking ahead to the Christmas shows that are really right around the corner, and crafting like crazy!

My daughter and I found a wonderful estate sale last weekend! She was thrilled to find Fiestaware to add to her collection, while I packed the car with some great craft finds: Pendleton wool, old flour sacks, and some wonderful old canning jars that I couldn't pass up! Great prices and lots of fun!

Hope your summer is going well, and watch for some new patterns from Prindle Mountain Primitives soon!

Prim blessings,


Sandy said...

Hi Laurie - so glad to see that you didn't lose your website! That is just wrong for the previous servers to just up and be gone like that! So unprofessional (imho), but that's past tense, and good that you're moving forward. Can't wait to see the new graphics ~ exciting :). The lambs look great as do your daughters!
I'll be back to visit again soon. The sewing machine calls and I owe I owe it's off to sew I go :)
Have a great weekend!
ps- I have a new Raggedy blog:

Laurie Johnson said...

Hi Sandy!

Thanks for the comments! Maybe this is just the motivation I needed to get a fresh, new look to my website! :)

Your blog looks great....I'm still getting the hang of it! Best of luck to you, and have fun sewing! I've been in the sewing mood lately too!