Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lamb time!

If you've ever read "on the farm" on my website, you'll know that we also raise sheep here on Prindle Mountain. Thursday night lambing started! We have 13 ewes (down from the 25 or more we used to have....grain prices have gone through the roof!) Any way, two of those 13 now have cute little twins! Pictures later!

I have made 5 veils now. (And I didn't coffee stain even one of them!) Really kind of fun, and a totally different creative outlet than primitive dolls! Once I get a couple more made, I'll take them to the shop and see what they think. I plan to take some pictures of Emily wearing them, and I'll post some on here.

Beautiful, beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest! Hard to believe it's February when it's been 62 degrees, perfect blue sky days, and things are blooming left and right! Is it really still a month until Spring!?! Not the best weather for our neighbors to the north, however! (We're about 300 miles south of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C.)

You'll notice I made sure to put "B.C." after "Vancouver". Vancouver, Washington is our nearest big city, and where our newspaper, etc. comes from. The folks in "our" Vancouver do NOT like being mistaken with Vancouver, B.C. There has even been talk of renaming Vancouver, Washington to Fort Vancouver, Washington. (Fort Vancouver is still a historical site here). For the record, though, our Vancouver came first, founded in 1825; whereas Vancouver, B.C. was incorporated in 1886.

Just a little history lesson! Gotta go check my lambs! :)


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