Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's almost show time!

I have been very, very busy the past 6 weeks sewing away in my craft room getting ready for my shows! The first one starts in just 3 days!  Eek!  How could it be holiday season already!?!?

Here are some things I've made recently:

My Wool Upcycled Sweater Mittens

Frosty Snowfriends

(The pattern for these is available on my website, and also an instant download on Etsy here.

Penguin Gourds

Lots and lots of new samplers this year!

Unnamed snowman!

This little fella is new this year, and will be a pattern, when I have a chance to make a pattern up.  What do you suppose I should call him?!?  

Hope if you are in the Southwest Washington area, you'll look me up!  My schedule is as follows:

November 14 & 15 - Washougal High School Holiday Marketplace AND New Hope Bazaar
November 21 & 22 - Artisan Fair and Bazaar
November 29 - Prairie High School Bazaar

I've been watching lots of Christmas movies while I sew, and I am in the holiday spirit, already!  Let me be the first to wish you Merry Christmas!

Holiday blessings,


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