Thursday, May 29, 2014

Now here is an artist!

Just had to post the gorgeous drawing that my cousin Beth did of our beloved Bailey Jo.  We lost Bailey to bone cancer in November 2012.  She was a Great Pyrenees, and the sweetest dog ever!

This is Bailey (on the right) with our pup, Heidi.  Heidi is now 3, and a very big girl!  Great Pyrenees are livestock guardians.  We raise sheep, and these dogs have an inborn ability to bond with the sheep and keep them out of harms way.  Coyotes and cougars regularly took our lambs before we got Bailey.  Great Pyrenees are also very loving, intelligent dogs, and while they are great against predators, they are very gentle around people.

Anyway, back to the drawing!  Beth surprised me with this gorgeous sketch she did of Bailey Jo with a lamb.  It was so touching to receive at my surprise birthday party!  She is an amazing artist, and you may want to check out her other work by clicking here. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Primitive blessings,


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