Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Easter patterns!

Finally got my new patterns all done and on my website today!  To me, this is the most tedious part of being a pattern designer.  I love creating, but having to sit down and type out the instructions, draw out the pattern, and make sure it is all complete, no typos or incorrect grammar (really a pet-peeve of mine!), is time consuming and not so fun!  I did have fun making these guys, though, and hope you like them!

Meet Peter and Petunia!

I looked at a photo of a real bunny to decide how I was going to make Peter.  Petunia was an afterthought, because I thought he needed a friend, and I liked how "Peter and Petunia" sounded together!  Find this pattern on my website here.

Next is Clovis Cottontail.

Clovis is made of some velveteen that was my Grandma's.  I didn't know what I was going to do with it, so a year ago I coffee stained it, and had used some for some Santa coat trim.  Clovis' coveralls are made from a men's wool jacket that I got cheap, cheap at a rummage sale.  I used sisal rope for his whiskers.  He was a lot of fun to make!  Follow the same link above to purchase the pattern on my website.

Easter is only 4 weeks away!  (Early this year!)  It is also my Grandma's 89th birthday!  A photo of my Grandma as a toddler is the heading to my "Spring" category on my website.  Such a cutie then, and a cute and sweet lady now!  

Hope it's acting like Spring in your neck of the woods!

Prim blessings!


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Sheila said...

Hi Laurie,
Love the new patterns! I find after creating a floral arrangement or whatever I'm working that the tedious part for me is taking a photo, description and loading on my Etsy site. I need a helper so I can just keep working......wouldn't that be nice if we had someone to do this for us?
Anxiously awaiting warm weather here in Idaho!
Have a wonderful week,