Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some new stuff

I finished the recycled clothing quilts for my friend yesterday.  In March her husband was tragically killed in a plane crash, and she asked me if I could make some patchwork quilts for she and her daughters out of his clothing.

These measure 48" x 60" and are lined with heavy flannel, so they will be great for cuddling up with and remembering their Husband and Father.  I got some iron-on transfer paper, and ran the image/message that I stitched onto the back through my printer.

I've also been working on some handbags lately.  These are actually clutches, and I purchased my hardware here.  I had a lot of fun with these, and have lots more cut out and ready to make for my upcoming shows.  I plan to put some on my website too, so be sure to watch for that in the next few months.

 These flowers were really fun to make!  Here's the tutorial.

 On this one I used a vintage jewelry piece.

 For these last two flowers, I used this tutorial and 
instead of a necklace, I made just a single flower 
and sewed a pin on the back. 

We finally got some summer weather here in the northwest!  This past Sunday it actually got to near 90!  Perfect summer weather, but maybe not for my brother.  He came over with his family and we all watched him do a half Ironman competition.

He swam over a mile, biked 56 miles, and ran 13.1.  My brother is incredible, and I am so proud of him!

 Great weekend with my brother and his family and our whole
family was together too!  We all posed for a picture (including
Kallie Mae, our border collie!)

Happy Summer, and prim blessings,


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