Friday, June 1, 2012

Recycled Crafts

Recently I was contacted by a friend who's husband had passed away a few months ago in a plane crash.  She was wanting someone to make patchwork quilts for she and her daughters from her husband's clothing.  I am in the process of getting them done, and will post pictures later.  In the meantime, I didn't know what to do with so many t-shirts, so I found a couple of great online tutorials, and made some things for her and her daughters out of them.

These flower necklaces were really fun, quick, and I think they'll be great to dress up (or down) any summer outfit!  They are made by cutting lots of circles from old t-shirts.  Here's the great tutorial.

Next I made some  ruffly scarves.  These are also made from old t-shirts.  You can find the tutorial here. 

I also made a couple of color-block scarves from strips from different t-shirts.  This last photo shows a pin I made using the flower necklace tutorial.

Here are a couple of teddy bears that I made for my friend's daughters.  The fleece fabric was the lining of their Dad's favorite flannel shirt.  I used a bit of a flannel shirt for the top bear's foot pads, and a little pants fabric for the pads of the other bear.  The red hearts are made from one of his t-shirts.  They are button jointed, and all the buttons are from his clothing.  I think they will like these.  I sure had fun making them!  I found the pattern free online here. 

I will post pictures of the quilts here when they are done.

Have a great weekend!

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