Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Spring!

Spring on Prindle Mountain!

After a long, wet winter/spring, we've finally had some good weather in our neck of the woods!  Last weekend was actually 80 degreesI've been taking advantage of our taste of summer, and doing lots and lots of yard work and landscaping, and now that it's rainy and April again, I'm back in the crafting room!

Yesterday I found some great upholstery remnants for super cheap at my favorite fabric store:  Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon.  It's advertised as the largest fabric store in the nation (over 1.5 acres!) You could literally spend days in this store, and still not see everything!  My mind started thinking of what I could make with these great pieces, and I think I'm going to try my hand at some bags.  I've found some great blogs with free tutorials (I love tutorials! Not just a pattern, but PICTURES!)  Take a look here and here and here.  I'm excited to get started and see what I come up with!  I'll post pictures when I've got a bag done! 

I was happy to get an e-mail from one of my best, long-time customers, Lori King!  She has her own Etsy shop now, and wanted me to see the lamb she made with some of the sheep's wool I sell on my website.  She used my "MaryAnn and Hope" pattern.  Isn't this little lamb adorable!?

Here's a link to her Etsy Shop.

Prim blessings,


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Sheila said...

Hello Laurie~
beautiful pictures of your area in springtime! We had lovely warm weather last weekend as well, not it's turning cold and windy again. No snow yet ;-)
The lamb is darling! I'll have to go check out a few etsy sites.