Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember our Heroes

Memorial Day is tomorrow. Please take a moment to remember our veteran's and service members who have paid the price for our freedom.

This has been a month of busy, but fun times with all my kids at home. My last post was all about my son graduating from college. He's been home for 3 weeks and will be leaving soon to head back to school to begin his master's degree. Lukas is such a fun guy to have around, and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with him these past few weeks. We've spent time together preparing our garden (he's definitely got the green thumb in our family, and I don't know how I'm going to keep my garden going this summer without him!) We've had a couple of road trips while he's been home, and lots of music with him here. Lukas plays the banjo, mandolin, guitar, and the bari saxophone. He has a bluegrass band back in his college town, and our evenings are spent more with my husband and son playing music than with the television on! Yes, I am going to miss him lots when he's gone, but I've had a great month with him home!!! I suppose that is the reason I have no new patterns this month!

I did receive my August issues of Create and Decorate magazine yesterday. (Seems kind of early, when our weather here has been like February/March!) Anyway, my "Yesteryear Raggedy" is a featured pattern. I made this doll for my daughter. She holds Ashley's babyhood bear, and has a tag that says "So fast you grew, sweet daughter dear, my little girl of yesteryear." I have also put a small locket around the doll's neck with Ashley's photo. I'll have the pattern available on my website soon, once Create and Decorate has released it back to me. I have two of these magazines, and the first person who leaves a message "please send me the magazine!" will get my extra! (Just be sure to e-mail me your address).

Just a few more days to become a follower on my blog to be entered into a drawing to receive a gift certificate for a free e-pattern on Pattern Mart! I'll post the winners on May 31st!!!

Enjoy your Memorial Day! Send your sunshine to the Pacific Northwest, please!!!! :)

Prim blessings,



Sew Many Raggedies said...

I love that pattern!! I would love to have the magazine too! I will email you my address, just in cast I'm the first one LOL! Thank you so very much!!
Prim Blessings,

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hi Laurie: I'm so excited that I found your blog through sew many raggedy's! I love your annie in C&D!! I have watermelon pokes in the same issue...I think it's page 54 and a pic on the index page.

Laurie Johnson said...

Rene: I just e-mailed you, since your were my first respondent for the free magazine! I love Create and Decorate...both for the neat patterns, as well as buying mine from me! :)

Patti: So happy to have you following my blog, and I'm glad you found me through Sew Many Raggedies (thanks, Rene!) Your watermelon pokes are so cute! Good job!