Friday, April 8, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I love haunting thrift stores, estate sales, and any place I can get good stuff cheap! Today it was a beautiful Friday afternoon, and after getting groceries, I thought I'd swing by a local thrift store. Here's what I bought for just $1.30! A great shirt that I was going to use for some raggedy doll clothes until I noticed it was my husband's size and was in perfect condition! Also, a tin tea container, for my daughter Ashley, the tea drinker. But my best find was a 10 cent red toile plate. I just love the crackling on it!

I looked at one online, found out it is vintage and worth lots more than 10 cents! I am trying to decide if I am going to make it into a cupcake/cookie server by adhering a glass candlestick to the underside with E6000 glue (here's a photo of what I mean, with it just temporarily perched on a candlestick).

Or maybe I will make it into a mirror that would go perfect in my bathroom. Here is a mirror made from old plates that a gal I know made.

I've made a couple of them before as gifts, and they are really fun to make! Just find two or three vintage plates that blend well, layer them until you get a pattern you like, adhere them together, and top with a round glass mirror in the middle. I just picked up a mirror at the dollar store, removed it from it's plastic frame, and used that. Once again, E6000 glue is my adhesive of choice.

Funny how $1.30 spent can brighten my day! :)

Prim Blessings and a great weekend,

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