Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Puppy!

Today we brought our new Great Pyrenees Puppy home! As you know, we raise sheep, and living at the base of Prindle Mountain, there are coyotes, cougars, bears, and all sorts of critters that would like to make our sheep and their babies into dinner! We have a seven year old Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog, Bailey Jo, who is fabulous at protecting our sheep, but staying up all night and all day keeping track of our herd is getting to be too much for her. Our new puppy, Heidi, will be a big help when she gets bigger! Heidi was born in a barn and raised her first 6 weeks with goats, and now she is in our barn with sheep and lambs near her, and Bailey able to come in and visit. Raising livestock guardian pups is a lot different than bringing home a family pet that can sleep in the house and snuggle with you. They are amazing dogs, and we're so happy to have two of them now!

Spring sure is taking it's time coming here in our corner of the world! Lots and lots of rain, mud, cold temperatures, wind, and did I mention RAIN!?! We are sooooo ready for some nice warm, dry weather!

Primitive blessings,


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Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Your puppy is adorable ~ I would be a softy and he would be in the house with me all the time. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. You seem to be doing it so fast ~ you were scaring me I've stabbed myself so many times. It really hurts.LOL
Prim Blessings!