Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New patterns!

I spent a few days last week going through craft supplies and organizing, and ran across some blue gingham fabric. It reminded me of Dorothy's dress from The Wizard of Oz, and I started getting some ideas! Here is my new "Dorothy Ann" doll! I am really happy with how she turned out, and especially love her little Scotty dog! He is made from some leftover black mohair I had. I haven't even made the pattern yet (look for it on my website by Sunday!)

I also found an old pig doll that I made probably 20 years ago. She was pretty 90's looking, but I re-used her laundry basket and made my new "Penelope Pig". I'll get her pattern done in the next few days too. My goal this year is to make at least two new patterns per month, and so far so good! :)

Hope spring has arrived in your corner of the world! We've had one day of it, but with low snow levels again, and a cold, dreary rain, it looks like we're back to winter!

Prim blessings,



bitsnpieces said...

Hi Laurie, I have your newsletter and I am new at blogging, but would like to be a do I do that? Donna

Laurie Johnson said...

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog! To become a follower, just click on "follow" down on the right hand side. You need to have a Google or Yahoo account to sign in, but if you don't you can create a new account at the bottom of the window that will pop up. That's all there is to it! Thanks for stopping by!!!