Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grandpa's Quilt

I've been pretty busy the past few days getting some designs made for a craft magazine. I'm pretty excited about what I've come up with, but have to keep it secret until the magazine is released. More to come on that later!!!

We've got 15 little lambs now! So cute! Seven ewes left to go, and of course we're still checking them every 3 hours around the clock. Three little lambs arrived at 2:30 a.m. night before just never can tell when they'll make an appearance!

I just came back in from checking on the sheep, and as I pulled on my old coveralls to keep my clothes clean, I started thinking about my Grandpa, who was the first owner of the nice, old comfy coveralls that I pulled on tonight. My Grandpa passed away in 2000. It was my first real experience with losing someone I loved so much, and I still think about him every day and miss him so much! He left a big hole in our family. As a way to keep Grandpa close, I gathered a bunch of his old jeans, flannel shirts, and dress shirts and made several small quilts for my family members after we lost Grandpa. Here is the quilt I made for us:

Just a cozy little lap quilt to curl up with, and brings to mind happy times spent with my Grandpa. "When this you see remember me" is embroidered on the bottom right corner of the quilt".

“Remember Me” comes from one of my Grandpa’s favorite songs, and it is one he used to sing and play frequently:

Remember me when the candle lights are gleamin'.
Remember me at the close of a long, long day.
An' it would be so sweet when all alone, I'm dreamin',
Just to know you still remember me.

Love you forever, Grandpa! :)

If you still have your Grandpa, please give him a big hug next time you see him!

Prim blessings,


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Anonymous said...

What a tribute! I'm just starting on a quilt, using some of my grandpa's old shirts and was looking for a quote. Now I think I found one! Thanks!