Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ugghhh! I did it again!

Yup!  Just like last summer, this one has flown by so fast and I haven't blogged in over two months!  Where has the time gone!  After my last post, when my twins graduated, we went on a cruise to Alaska as part of their graduation present.  It was so much fun!  If you haven't taken this amazing cruise, I'd highly recommend it!  We're all ready to go back again!  We spent the 4th of July in Glacier Bay, and it was beautiful!

Once we returned home, I spent a week trying to get over the withdrawals of wearing the sea-sickness patch!  It took a full week to stop feeling dizzy and like I was still rocking!  Without it, however, I would've been one sick puppy the whole cruise!  

Haying season took a couple of weeks, as the family cut and put up 3,000 bales of hay.  A hot, dusty time, but we've gotta keep the livestock fed in the wintertime!

I lost my beloved Grandma on July 18th.  I last saw her on May 26th, and I'll forever treasure this last picture with her. 

Her funeral was a beautiful, family-centered memorial that she would've loved!  I made a video slideshow set to music, my son and his bluegrass band played some of her favorite songs, our oldest daughter did the opening prayer, and cousins and other relatives all played a part as well.  Two days later we had a family wedding, and that was another time spent with family that was so special.

Something I've waited my entire life for happened in late July!  I've always wanted a horse, and we found the perfect guy at the perfect time!  This is Ace!  He's very sweet, gentle, and is a trail horse.  We just love him!!!

The next week we spent a week at our county fair.  Used to be all five kids showed animals in 4-H, but we're down to just the last two - the twins.  They have one more year left of 4-H.  Daughter Emily was the sheep superintendent, however, and son Lukas and his bluegrass band were the main stage music Friday and Saturday nights.  The twins had an awesome fair, walking away as the master showman and reserve master showman of the entire 200+ livestock showmen at the fair!  They made it into the Round Robin competition where they had to show one of each species:  swine, beef, sheep, alpacas, meat goats, pack goats, horses, and dairy goats.  They've always been so close, and they scored just 1/2 point difference, with Kari coming out on top as Master Showman, and Kaitlyn right behind as Reserve Master Showmen!

Next up is a 50th anniversary party that I'm throwing for my parents!  I'm having so much fun preparing for this, and crafting some great stuff!  Click here to go to my Pinterest  stuff for it.  I ordered a great design for their invites.  I found them on Etsy.  Click here to see all the wonderful designs this gal does!  I had them printed from Overnight Prints.  Great company to deal with!  Check them out here.

So, that's pretty much my summer so far!  Haven't done much crafting at all, but will step into high gear once my girls go to college (DREADING that with a capital "D", underlined, and in bold!!!!)  That's September be thinking of me! :(

I have added most of my e-patterns to Etsy, and they are available as instant downloads.  I love this, because you don't have to wait for me to send them!  Check it out here.  

I hope your summer has been equally good!

Prim blessings,


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